FREE SHIPPING/ERSONALIZED CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN SIGN OPTION/FAMILY CHRISTMAS GIFT/Rustic Christmas Countdown with tree has chalkboard to mark down the days until Christmas .Great Holiday hostess/housewarming gift/family gift.

2 options are available for this sign. You may choose to personalize the sign or have the sign without a name. Please choose your option in the selection box when purchasing the sign. If ordering the family name please leave the family name in the message box.

This is a wood sign that has been stained, painted and sealed for indoor use. Our signs are rustic and we do not fill in any wood imperfections such as knots, cracks, gauges etc.. as they add to the vintage rustic character .A claw tooth hanger is installed.

MEASUREMENTS: Sign without family name 11 1/4" X 24"   3/4" thickness

                              Sign with family name  11 1/4" x 30"

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