Repurposed Garden Chair December 06 2013, 0 Comments

Last night I was anxious to get started on repurposing an old wood chair.  I was tired of the aqua, turquoise and silvers that I had been using in many of my projects and needed a change.  I thought a nice sunny yellow would look great in a garden.  Must have been all the snow and freezing rain that had me thinking of summer projects.  I headed out to our local Lowes store here in Sudbury Ontario Canada. I found a very nice antique yellow by Valspar which I thought would be perfect.  After all the priming and painting I decided to paint a bright orange and purple floral design.  I then began to mix a dark glaze and began to paint into some of the chairs joints and natural cracks.  I don't like to repair all of the cracks as I feel it keeps in the character of an older piece of furniture.  I didn't want any drastic change in the color so I did just a little glazing.  I absolutely love how this chair turned out.  I will be posting pictures this weekend!

Hope everyone out there does something fun this weekend!