WANTED My repurposed Mothers Day Project May 11 2014, 0 Comments

Happy Mothers Day to all the well deserving Moms out there.  Hope everyone had a very special day.

I did take time out to go hiking and have a picnic with my husband and boys.  What a beautiful and fun Mothers Day it turned out to be.

I was however itching to get started on a hand crafted wood table that I picked up at a garage sale here in Sudbury, Ontario.  I have had the table for a few weeks now and had in mind that I wanted to do some type of old western theme.  I absolutely love the graphics fairy's site and appreciate the wonderful free images she has to offer. So a few weeks ago I began rummaging through her images and was unable to find what I had in mind.  However I do frequently check to see all the new graphics released and was so very excited the other day when the perfect picture of a horse and cowboy holding a sign was one of the new releases.

This small table was painted black and the top stained when I picked it up at the garage sale.  I thought I would work with what I had seeing as I would have painted a black base coat anyhow.  I had a cactus color in my supply of chalk paint.  I started dry brushing the table top with this color and liked the idea of seeing some rustic barn type wood showing through.  I then used black paint on a small dry brush and kept blotting off most of the paint in order to paint on the word WANTED.  I wanted a WANTED poster look.  I then used this fun western graphics fairy image and transferred the image using citrasolv. I wanted the image to look worn and faded but it actually turned out a bit to light.  I then used a dry brush with very little black paint to darken the image wiping and blending the paint in.

I loved that I was able to fill in the poster this fun loving cowboy was riding away with and stuck with the fugitive on the run by adding REWARD $5,000 in gold coin.

The table top was exactly what I had envisioned although the rest of it needed something more.  I then painted the rest of the table with my cactus green chalk the color.  Still I felt it needed more work to give it that Western feel.  I began digging through my piles and piles of scrap book paper and came across this scrap book map with places such as Colorado, South Dakota and the pale yellow background of the paper also went so well with the cactus paint on the table. I took out my modge podge and starting putting the paper on the sides of the table and the drawer front.  Table began to look better but it still needed that  finishing touch so I got out a few old worn out leather belts, cut them up and used 2 pieces to trim each side of my map on the sides of the table. I found another piece of scrap book paper in a checkered pattern to line the inside of the drawer.  I then decided to use the tip of another leather belt and its rustic looking buckle as a drawer pull and VOILA my table finally met my approval!