Recently a friend asked if I would refinish a bedroom set for her family cottage on beautiful Manitoulin Island. For all that are not familiar with Manitoulin Island I am very fortunate to live 2 hours away from the largest fresh water Island in the world.

The furniture belongs to her Mother and it had great sentimental value so she opted to freshen it up rather then get rid of it.

An aqua colored chalk paint was chosen and for inside the drawers a light clay.I loved the detailing on both the mirror and headboard and decided to do some color layering and dark waxing in these areas. A mixture of dark glazing and waxes were used as well on all pieces.

When it was time to work on the headboard which had 3 indented square areas I had a few ideas in mind.  I know I was just asked to simply paint the piece but I really felt it needed some contrast.  I found a piece of fabric that had an off white background and a pretty bird pattern and I had been itching to use it on something. I felt that this was the perfect piece and after consulting with the family we agreed to go ahead.  Yeah......I was very excited and couldn't wait for the end result.

Now for the BEFORE and AFTER photos which are a bit disappointing due to my lack of photography knowledge. Definitely not my thing! As you can see the color of the finished dresser is lighter then the actual color. However if you view the headboard that is the color all my photos should have been. At least this time I remembered to take before pictures of most of the items (forgot the mirror) and left the drawers out.



What do you think of the transformation? Hope Mrs. R likes it! I know I enjoyed this project.