AMAZING CURB SIDE RESCUE !!! June 30 2014, 0 Comments

I have to say I really do not believe in coincidence.  I have always said everything happens for a reason. A few days ago I spontaneously took my feet in a new direction on my daily walk and so very pleased that I decided to change my route that day. I was walking down the prettiest street in my home town of Copper Cliff, Ontario when in the distance I could see a beautiful piece of furniture on the curb. As I got closer I couldn't believe that I had stumbled upon a beautiful antique pump organ. The organ was manufactured in Clinton, Canada made by M.Doherty&Co.  I have been away so have not yet researched the age or history but am going to very soon.  For now I am just stumped as to why no one else picked up this gem!  I had no way to pick it up the day I found it so it sat on the curb and was actually still in the same place when I picked it up the next morning.  How lucky am I?  Rumor is this piece has sat for a few days.  I guess it was waiting for me!  Can't wait to thank the home owners when I run into them.  I am pretty sure I know what direction I am going when I re purpose this piece although it will probably have to wait until this winter.  Here is a few photos of the BEFORE for now.