Repurpose Me! November 18 2013, 0 Comments

Lots of ideas keeping me awake in this windy city of Sudbury Ontario last night.  Looking outside I could see my shed doors full of my vintage finds blow wide open.  Believe me I was not going outside at 3am.

Repurpose me!  I could hear these pieces blowing around screaming ideas out at me. What should I do next?  Should it be that old table that I rescued from the curb awhile back?  So many end tables needing to be revived or perhaps that ratty old dresser which still had some young mans homework stuck in the back drawer from 1945.

Repurposed dresser in a silver metallic paint with a touch of bling.  Hope this young man won't mind seeing his very masculine dresser being transformed into a dresser fit for a princess. 

Time to take out my magic wand and get to work.

Hold on to your hats and have a great Monday!